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Reverend Kathy, Psychic Medium

Oracle Card Readings $50 for half hour, $100 for 1 hour.

Medium Readings $50 for half hour. $100 for 1 hour.

Reiki Sessions $50 for half hour, $100 for 1 hour.

House Parties - Psychic/Medium,

$20 for 15 minutes each.

Past Life Regression (guided meditation then discussion at end) $150 for 90 minutes.

House Blessings/Removal of spirits

$100 for every hour of appointment.

(Usually, only one hour is needed).

Natural Remedies/Herbalism, check with Reverend Kathy for prices, as this will always be custom made to order.

Munay Ki Rites Class $300

13th Rite, Rite of the Womb $150

Usui Reiki Classes        Karuna Reiki Classes

Kids Level 1 $100                (No child class)

Level I $150

Level II $200

Master/Teacher (Level III) $300

Refresher courses are half the cost.

Follow link to view Rev Kathy's other services,

Contact Rev Kathy to purchase a gift certificate for any of the services she offers!